Skidmore's Zoom

Important Zoom Resources for You

Please Note: Newly created accounts are BASIC accounts, which allows:

  • No time limit for 1 to 1 meetings

  • 40 min. time limit for group meetings, which consist of 3 or more participants (with a max of 300)

  • If you need more than 40 minutes for a group meeting, please submit a help desk request to receive a PRO account.

What you need to know about Zoom

Zoom is Skidmore’s web-conferencing platform of choice because it offers an excellent tool set, consistently high performance, it is the most secure conferencing platform available offering superior privacy features. Faculty, Staff, and Students have instant access to a Zoom Pro Account to schedule, host and record online meetings for one-to-one and small group virtual meetings.

  • Up to 300 people can participate in a call
  • Screen Sharing
  • Video breakout Rooms
  • Co-annotation, Multi-Sharing and Polling
  • Integration with iOS and Android devices as well as Blackboard and Microsoft Outlook
  • Outperforms WebEx and Skype
  • Will not mine your data for marketing

Why is Skidmore’s Zoom an excellent tool?
Everybody at Skidmore has access to a Zoom Basic license simply by logging into Skidmore’s Zoom. Skidmore currently has a limited number of Pro User Zoom licenses and will make it a priority to provide as many Skidmore employees as possible with a pro licenses contingent upon need. The basic account accommodates most user needs.

As a best practice, we recommend leaving your video turned off when you first enter a meeting that you host or join. IT has configured Zoom so that your camera and the cameras of those joining your meeting are turned off upon first entering the meeting. In order to turn your video on, you have to click on Start Video as shown here.


Our office is on the second floor of the library (Library 222), however, we are currently working remotely.


Our virtual office hours are M-F: 8:30am – 4:30pm.
The best way to reach us is by emailĀ or submitting a Help Desk ticket.