Classroom Response Systems

…utilize live polling as a teaching strategy to encourage active learning and student participation. They provide immediate feedback to the instructor about how well students understand key concepts presented in class. iClicker loaner kits as well as wifi polling software are both available from IT at no cost to Skidmore faculty and students.


Update: The College has adopted iClicker Cloud. Please contact LEDS about licensing and training.

An iClicker is a handheld remote that lets students select one answer from up to 5 different buttons in response to a multiple choice question. Paired with visual media such as a Power Point slide, faculty launch a poll and allow time for students to vote for their best response.

Clicker loaner kits consist of handheld clicker remotes, a base station, and a USB cable and are available for short-term or semester loan from Media Services. IT has enough clickers to accommodate most short-term faculty needs. For faculty interested in the semester-loan option, contact LEDs prior to the start of the semester so that an order can be placed with the iClicker vendor. At the end of the semester, faculty collect the clickers from students and return the clicker loaner kit. If a clicker is lost, the student will be charged $50 (or current clicker value, whichever is larger) to her/his bursar account. Broken clickers are replaced at no cost.

Faculty using clickers in their course are encouraged to provide students with the following information in the syllabus: “Clickers will be used in this class.  As Skidmore College believes in providing students with the best pedagogical practices possible, clickers are made available to students at no student cost.  The instructor will lend a clicker, provided by IT, to the student at the start of the term.  If a clicker breaks, a replacement will be provided at no cost.  Lost clickers will be replaced, but will result in a charge to the student of $50 to his/her bursar account.”

Quickly Assess Student Understanding And Take Attendance


Keep Students' Attention Focused During Lecture


Increase Interaction and Engagement with Course Content


Encourage collaborative learning and peer instruction


Hear from everyone especially more reserved and quiet students


To reserve iClickers, please send a request to

Poll Everywhere

In contrast to handheld clicker remotes, Poll Everywhere is web based subscription software without hardware that lets students’ devices (smartphones, laptops) operate as clickers. LEDs began piloting Poll Everywhere by faculty request in classes where the use of student devices are already being used in the completion of class activities. This approach alleviates the problem of students forgetting to bring their handheld clicker to class. (It’s likely they won’t forget to bring their phone if they have one!) Poll Everywhere has a free higher education plan for classes with 40 students or less. For more than 40 students in a class, a subscription is required.

Students use their devices they bring to class as clickers


Robust Moderation, Reporting and Grading Features


What Faculty Are Saying

Students interact with iClickers as the professor displays voting results on a projector
“Clickers are critical to engaging students with the course material in real time, particularly in large classes where some students might be reluctant to participate.”
T.H. Reynolds

Professor of Health and Human Physiological Sciences


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