Learning Lab

Library 222

The Learning Lab in Library 222 has evolved over the years to become a flexible space designed to accommodate a wide range of pedagogical and professional development activities. Aside from being a location for training and workshops, this space is also used for blended learning courses, immersive learning experiences and digital video and audio editing.

This space can be scheduled by contacting LEDS directly.  

State of the art Mac/PC podium with mobile screen sharing applications that allows professors and students to share content from a mobile device.

Two wall-mounted PTZ cameras and high fidelity mics and speakers for reliable quality video conferencing.

Flexible furniture that can be easily moved to accommodate group work or larger open spaces as needed.

Ten computer workstations consisting of 5 Mac and 5 Windows flank the sides of the room. Additional laptops available as needed.

Adjacent group study rooms that can be reserved for break off peer instructional small group work.

Whiteboard space that allows for projection and annotating images on the wall.

Also serves as our Virtual Reality Experiential Lab.

Private video podcast recording studio.

Offers green screen technology for course video assignments and creative backgrounds for web conferencing panels.


Find us on the second floor of the library: Library 222


M-F: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Feel free to swing by during our normal office hours or schedule an appointment