General Education Requirements with a Technology Component

The new general education requirements, which take effect fall 2020, have a number of criteria stressing the importance of technology and information literacies. As faculty begin to modify courses to meet the new requirements, please feel free to reach out to us in LEDS. We would be happy to sit down with you to consider ways your syllabus could be tweaked and brainstorm a variety of media-rich assignments or projects that might help you meet your learning objectives.

Although many courses could benefit from the incorporation of a technology-rich assignment or project, the new general education requirements make this expectation more explicit. To the right you will find excepts from several of the requirements addressing the use of technology to fulfill various requirements.

See the new general education proposal here,

Find the criteria for the requirements in the new general education curriculum here,

In the Major
As part of the implementation process for our newly adopted general education curriculum, academic departments need to make plans for how their majors will fulfill the In the Major requirements. These requirements include:
Information literacy
Oral communication
Technology literacy
Visual literacy
Bridge Experience
Projects and assignments in Bridge Experience courses require students to demonstrate an understanding of power and justice, moving from theory to application. Therefore projects and assignments will engage a public audience and may include (but are certainly not limited to):
Poster session/Pecha Kucha
(20 secs+20 slides)
Student conference production
Short Film
Photo Essay
Maker space project
Senior Coda
In the Senior Coda students will:
1. Integrate aspects of a broad liberal arts education by producing original work. Such work may involve analysis, synthesis, invention, creation, or any form relevant to a particular field.
Scientific Inquiry through Practice
Student Learning Goals
5) Be able to organize, analyze, and interpret data, and report conclusions in visual, oral, and/or written forms that are effective and scientifically meaningful.


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