Skidmore's Box

Box is an online collaborative platform that can be used to create and share files, sync files with your desktop, and edit files directly in Box.

Skidmore Box Login

Use Box to not only organize your files in the cloud but also to share and collaborate with your students and colleagues at Skidmore and beyond! The Box interface is easy to navigate and can be a very useful online space for working in teams, keeping version histories, allowing for commenting, and setting permissions for various collaborators. Box’s sync feature can be set up as a means to back up select files and folders on your desktop. It works seamlessly to keep you computer files and those in the cloud organized, allowing you to access content on your computer from virtually anywhere. The Box app is a powerful and convenient way to work from any mobile or tablet device. Your files, images and videos can be shared instantly to Box from your smartphone making it a go-to platform to add collaborators all at the convenience of a Skidmore login without having to create separate user accounts. Skidmore has an institutional license that allows users to access Box with their Skidmore credentials.


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