Perusall Setup in theSpring

If this is your first time using Perusall, it is recommended that you first watch the demonstration/training video recording from last summer. Click on the button to the right to access the video. 

The Perusall setup is a three step process. The first step is to create a course in Perusall via your course site in theSpring. This only needs to be done once per course. The next step is to then access Perusall via this new link in theSpring and populate your Perusall course with readings/assignments. If you would also like to sync Perusall assignment grades with your gradebook in theSpring, then an additional step is required to sync each assignment with theSpring.

Step 1 - Creating course in Perusall via theSpring

  1. Open your course in theSpring and select Content from the navigation
  2. From the left sidebar, select the module in which you would like to add (In this example, we created a Perusall module.) Select the Existing Activities dropdown, then select External Learning Tools.
  3. After selecting External Learning Tools, scroll to the bottom of the window and click on the Create New LTI Link
  4. Enter the following information:
    Title: Perusall
    LTI URL:
    The Tool dropdown will automatically insert Legacy LTI Tool.
    Select the Create and Insert button.
  5. The Perusall tool will appear in the Perusall module. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Perusall external learning tool and select Edit Properties In-place.
  6. After selecting Edit Properties In-place, an option will appear in the lower right hand corner to Open as External Click in the checkbox and reload the page.
  7. Click on the new Perusall link and Perusall will launch and a course will be created that is connected to your course in theSpring.  If Perusall detects taht you already have a Perusall account, you may see the following message:

Step 2 - Adding readings and assignments

You can access your Perusall account by clicking on the newly created Perusall link in theSpring. Visit this link to see instructions on adding readings and creating assignments in Perusall.

Step 3 - Syncing grades with theSpring

If you intend to sync grades back to theSpring, then you will also need to create links in theSpring to the assignments in Perusall. This would need to be done for each and every assignment that you want synced. It is also important that students access the assignments via the appropriate link, and not via the initial Perusall link that gets created in the first step, for example. Below are the instructions for setting up the grade sync.


Setting up grade sync

For grades in Perusall to sync back to theSpring, students must access each assignment in Perusall through an external tool link in theSpring that has the same name as the assignment in Perusall.

For each assignment in Perusall:

1.    Click on an assignment under Assignments on your course home page, and click the Copy full title for LMS button. (This will copy the name of the assignment to the clipboard.)

2.    In theSpring, within the appropriate content module, select Existing Activities > External Learning Tools > Create New LTI Link.

3.    For the name, paste in the Perusall assignment name from the clipboard, and enter for the launch point.

4.    Select Edit properties in place in the dropdown next to the newly-created link, and check Open as external resource.

5.    Reload the page.

6.    Test out the link by clicking on it. You should be taken directly into the corresponding assignment in Perusall, bypassing the course home page in Perusall. If you are instead taken to the course home page in Perusall, check that the name of your link in theSpring matches exactly with the name of the assignment in Perusall.

Note: To ensure that grade sync works throughout the semester, make sure that students access each Perusall assignment by clicking through the corresponding link in theSpring. If a student accesses an assignment in Perusall without clicking through the corresponding theSpring assignment link at least once, then Perusall will not be able to send that student’s score back to theSpring. As a result, you may want to hide the generic Perusall link you created in theSpring (Step 1) to ensure students access assignments through the corresponding assignment-specific links.


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