Listen Up! Create And Engage With Podcasts That Matter
Thursday July 9th @ 12 PM
with Ben Harwood and Robyn  Reed
Zoom link and password provided in announcement

Building connections is at the heart of what we do as teachers: connecting students to ideas and course content, then helping them to connect those ideas to the world we inhabit.  We build connections with the students in the classroom along with one-on-one conversations during office hours, but how do we establish connection in the virtual environment? Listening to audio focuses one’s attention aurally and is an engaging and powerful way to connect with your audience. Like the stories – read aloud – that we loved to hear as children, podcasts can reach students in a more personal way. Podcasts offer compelling opportunities to create meaning, cultivate learning and encourage dialog remotely. While asynchronous and synchronous video capture excel at producing a flat screen visual surrogate to the classroom, it may also be distracting. This workshop will introduce key concepts and vocabulary as well as case studies on academic podcasting and oral production assignments.

Recording With Anthem
Friday July 10th @ 12 PM
with Ben Harwood
Zoom link and password provided in announcement

Did you know you can easily create video, screencast and audio recordings with Anthem on your computer and mobile device? Use your computer’s webcam and mic to capture digital media displayed on your screen such as a presentation slide deck. Use your smartphone with the app to record and upload high quality video from on a tripod or from on location at a remote research site out in the field. Anthem integrates seamlessly with theSpring and can be embedded on a WordPress page or any other website. It’s also possible to add interactivity to your videos with questions prompts in Ensemble’s Quiz Maker. Learn more about Anthem here.