Enabling Turnitin for an Assignment

Turnitin can be enabled in any assignment created in theSpring. First, navigate to the Assignments section of your course (Assessments > Assignments) and click on New Assignment.


Initial Assignment Properties


Create an assignment as you would normally. Keep the following things in mind:

  1. Enter 100 points for Grade Out Of
    • Turnitin Feedback Studio does not accept decimal numbers. That is why you need to enter a score of 100 instead of 10. Doing so allows you to grade a submission 85 out of 100, for example.
  2. Don’t forget to choose a grade item, in case you already have set up your gradebook.
  3. Always enter a due date, otherwise the similarity check will not be done properly.


Availability Dates & Conditions

The availability controls when students can access the assignment and the published feedback on that assignment.


    Submission settings for the Turnitin Assignment

    Go to Submission & Completion. With the settings below originality reports on submissions will be automatically generated, so you can immediately see a plagiarism score and start evaluation upon submission.

    1. Make sure File submission is selected
    2. Choose your desired Files Allowed per Submission – in most situations one file is recommended.
    3. Select Compatible with Turnitin
    4. Choose your desired setting under Submissions – in most situations only one submission allowed is recommended.


    Enable Turnitin

    Open Evaluations & Feedback and click on Manage Turnitin. The pop-up screen below will appear:

    1. Check the box Enable Similarity Report for this folder.
      • Optional: Check the Display box in case you want students to be able to see their plagiarism score as well, after you have published the feedback.
    2. Leave Submissions Checked on Automatically similarity checking on all submissions.
    3. Click on Enable Online Grading for this folder
    4. Leave Transfer on Automatically sync, otherwise grades will not be transferred to theSpring Gradebook.

    Next, click on More Options


      Turnitin More Options

      Scroll down until you reach Similarity Report

      1. Verify it the report generation setting is set correctly:
        • Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit): this will generate a similarity immediately, but offers no collusion check.
        • Generate reports immediately (students can resubmit until due date): you will see a similarity score directly upon submission, and after the end date Turnitin regenerates the scores, based on the collusion check. This is the most recommended setting.
        • Generate reports on due date (students can resubmit until due date): do not use this setting (!), since it is currently bugged and does not generate similarity reports. 
      2. Optional: upload the assignments to exclude it from the similarity check.
      3. Optional: Click on Save these settings for future use, so that your Turnitin More Options settings are saved for future assignments.
        • Be advised to check the box and first save the other settings, before uploading a template assignment. In that way you will always have the same settings, and only have to upload a template in this screen.
        • When you upload a template, do not check the box for Save these settings for future use and just click on submit.

      Change visibility & Save

      Finally, click Save and you will return to the Assignment Creation screen.

      1. Optional: Make sure the assignment is set to visible, otherwise your students will not be able to submit anything. You can change the visibility later if desired.
      2. Click Save and Close to return to your Assignments overview.


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