Seating Charts

Seating charts can be used in theSpring to not only track where students are sitting in your classes, but also provide an interface for recording attendance and assigning participation points. Note: Scoring placed in the seating chart will not sync with the grade book.

The process of setting up seating charts consists of four general steps. First, select from a number of layouts based on your class size. Second, create a seating chart from the layout you’ve chosen. Third, create a calendar event. Fourth, open the calendar event and actively record attendance and track participation if desired.

Note: There’s not much flexibility with the layouts, so if you want to visually space out the students in your seating chart, you might select one of the layouts that is considerably larger than the number of students in your class.


1. Select a Location

Go to Course Tools > Course Admin > Locations

  • Activate a location (to be used for seating charts)
    • Check the desired location and click on Set Active

2. Create Seating Chart (view additional information on Brightspace Community)

Go to Course Tools > Course Admin > Seating Chart

  • Click on Create a Chart

  • Give Name (for example, “Attendance”)
  • Choose location (the location activated in Step 1)
  • Choose attendees from class
  • Click Save

  • Drag students from below, up to appropriate seats
  • Click on Return to Events


3. Create Calendar Event

Go to Calendar tool and click Create Event

  • Give title (example, “Attendance & Participation) and choose location and seating chart
  • Click on Add Restriction to hide from students, if desired
  • Ensure that the correct Location and Seating Chart are selected
    • If students are sitting in different seats than usual, you can edit the seating chart by clicking on the pencil icon (these edits will alter the seating chart moving forward).
  • Click Create


4. Record Attendance

Open the newly created event in Calendar (find more information on Seating Chart sessions on Brightspace Community)

  • Click on View Seating Chart

  • Select each student to record attendance

    • Instructors can also give “points” for participation and cold calls
    • When done with session click on Set Session Completed


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