Full NameDepartmentParent CourseChild Section(s)Help with any of these tools?Need to schedule an appointment?Training requestTraining subjectComments
Caroline Management and Business SPSS No License request My SPSS license seems to have expired. In addition, I am working with a senior major (Maeve Foley '19 on her Independent Study and she also needs SPSS for our collaborative research project. Can you advise us how to get licensed copies of SPSS for this usage? Thank you!
Skye Bell English Virtual Reality Yes Private Consultation Oculus Rift Test 2
TimiagemDewWM 564371 Blackboard, Box, Ensemble, iClickers, Mobile devices, Qualtrics, SafeAssign/Turnitin, Virtual Reality, WordPress, Zoom, 3D Printing, Training, Student Workshop, TimiagemDew IncodadoorB ppytj IncodadoorB ppytj nvwukz <a href="">cbd oil uses</a>
Larry Jorgensen Philosophy PollEverywhere No Question I am interested in using PollEverywhere in my classes--do we have an institutional license? Thanks!
Olivia Dunn English EN-105.005 Spring 2019 EN-105.006, EN-105.007
Cindy Sood Chemistry Blackboard No I need to have the following sections of CH126 lab combined: parent section CH-126.003.Spring2019 child 1 CH-126.004.Spring2019 child 2 CH-126.005.Spring2019 child 3 CH-126.006.Spring2019
Aaron Kendall LEDS AB-101.001... AB-101.002, AB-101.003 Blackboard, Zoom, iOS No Private Consultation Setting up a Zoom meeting. Are you available at all next week?
Aaron Test LEDS Blackboard Yes
Sylvia McDevitt Biology iClickers, Training, panopto Yes Private Consultation use of iClickers and panopto for BI107 in Spring 2019 I would like to record my BI107 lectures for the students using the panopto feature but have no idea how to go about it. I would also like to involve iclickers in my course for student feedback/test but again I am new to the topic. Additionally I would like to provide each of my students (28) with a loaner clicker for the semester.
Ben Harwood LEDS LEDS_001_S19 LEDS_002_S19, LEDS_003_S19
Ben Harwood LEDS LEDS_001_S19 LEDS_002_S19, LEDS_003_S19