Our Printers

The MakerGear M2 Revision E is the second 3D printer our department acquired so it features some enhanced capabilities beyond that of the FLASHFORGE. If you’re new to printing, it’s recommended that you stick with the former, more user-friendly printer. Otherwise, feel free to explore your interests with the M2! This printer offers some pros above the FLASHFORGE as well as some cons. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two.

Enclosed Open-air
On-board Display No Device Feedback
Dual Extrusion Single Extrusion
Binary Interface G-Code Interface
Requires Plate Leveling Not Required

At first glance it looks like the FLASHFORGE is superior to the M2 in every way, but just because it has more features doesn’t mean that it is capable of printing with the same accuracy and precision of the M2.

In instances where dual-extrusion is not necessary, using the M2 is recommended above the FLASHFORGE; for its cleaner quality on average as well as the depth of user interface opportunities within Simplify3D.