Getting Started with the M2

Step-by-Step Guide to Printing an .stl File

If you’ve followed the previous instructions on how to acquire an .stl file and either designed or downloaded a printable model, you’re ready to start printing! Just follow these few easy steps (somewhat reminiscent of the FLASHFORGE method) and you’ll have your finished product in your hands in no time!

Step 1

Connect the M2 to the Lab PC with the included USB cable. If you’re working in the Skidmore Library, this should already be connected.

Step 2

Power on the Lab PC and open the newest version of Simplify3D, which should be located on the desktop. Drag and drop your .stl file into the window, as if you were dropping the file itself onto the virtual build plate.

Step 3

Using the switch on the power source connected to the M2, turn on the printer. It is somewhat difficult to initially locate, so be aware of the fact that the switch is not a part of the physical unit but instead attached to an external power source.

Step 4

On the Lab PC, ensure that your model is centered on the build plate, and that it won’t end up printing part of the object anywhere plastic could miss the plate entirely and print onto the desk. Pressing the button called “Center and Arrange” located on the left-hand side of the application window (Figure 1) will almost always handle this issue for you, but feel free to use the move tool (Figure 2) to click and drag your model across the plate to anywhere you see fit.

Step 5