Department Long Forms with Qualtrics

The process of moving paper long forms into Qualtrics can be boiled down to three essential steps; creating the long form, distributing the long form to the students, and receiving the results and disseminating to the instructor.

This page includes a video demonstration of the process along with step-by-step instructions.


Long Form Demonstration with Qualtrics

Step-by-Step Instructions


Log in to Qualtrics

  • Log in here with your Skidmore credentials,
  • When logging in for the first time, you may be asked if you have an existing account with Qualtrics. If you do, then follow the instructions to merge that other account with your new Skidmore Qualtrics account.
  • Accept the Terms of Use


1. Creating the Long Form in Qualtrics


Create a New Project

  • Click on Create New Project

  • Choose the Survey option

  • Click Get Started

  • Give your survey a Name, select a Folder if desired, and then click on Create project.

Create your Questions

  • See this Qualtrics documentation for information on creating questions
  • You will likely primarily be using the Mulitiple Choice and Text Entry question types
  • You can also use Descriptive Text and Graphics as needed
  • Preview your survey periodically to ensure it looks as you expect

Survey Options

  • Make sure that “By Invitation Only” and “Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing” are both checked in the Survey Protection section

Look & Feel

  • Choose a theme
  • Edit “Next” button if desired
  • Again, make use of the Preview option to see how your survey looks based on the formatting choices

Publish the Survey


2. Distribute the Long Form to Students

In this step a contact list will be created in Qualtrics, with the student names and email addresses from the class. This contact list will then be used to distribute the long form to the students. These links to Qualtrics documentation will provide more details: Creating a Contact List and Distributing surveys (Long Forms) via email


Contacts (click Contacts in upper right corner)

  • Create a Contact List


  • Use the .csv template shared here.
  • Once you’ve added the students to the spreadsheet, make sure to save it again as a .csv file.


  • Choose the Email option and use the Contact List you created to send your survey to only those individuals


3. Receive Results and Disseminate to Faculty

This final step involves exporting the survey/long form results into Excel, creating an additional version of the spreadsheet where the students’ identifying information has been removed, and then sharing the anonymized version of the spreadsheet with the instructor. This step should not be carried out until the long form submission period has ended.

Export the Results

  • Open the Data & Analysis Tab
  • Click on the Export & Import dropdown menu
  • Choose Export Data

    • Click on the Excel option and then click on Download


Disseminate long form responses to the instructor

  • Once you have the results of the survey/long form in Excel, you can delete the columns with the students’ identifying information.
  • Re-Save the Excel spreadsheet, giving it a new name that designate it as the anonymous version
    • You should now have two copies of the spreadsheet, one with student information and one without
  • Send the version of the spreadsheet without student information to the instructor


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